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About us

For 25 years we have been dedicated to invention and improving the quality of our products.


For 25 years we have been dedicated to invention and improving the quality of our products.

Production program

Our production program contains more than 1500 different products.

Exception Quality

We do not make compromises with the quality of the material for our products.

Worldwide cooperation

We are constantly improving and expanding our production  by creating partnerships on 3 continents and in 10 different countries.


Our team

Nenad Janković

Nenad Janković

Mladen Janković

Mladen Janković


Key Features

We are expert in manufacture of rubber products for all sectors of industry.

Flexible solutions

Custom made products on based on specific request of client

Fast delivery

Our production capacities work 24/7 and we are able to support with final products in short period.

High performance

We use best material for production of rubber and TPE products

International presence

We export to our clients located in 9 European countries

How it works

Our Model

Screening and Sourcing

We are getting in touch with the partners that needs rubber, TPE and silicone products.

Technical validation

Clients provides technical specification of the needed products, so our production department works on best production solutions.

Business Proposal

After preparing the best technical and commercial solutions, we are coming back to partner with proposal for cooperation.

Commercial validation

Negotiation with the client and determination of the cooperation terms and delivery dates.

Start of cooperation

Our production factory starts to work on the client’s request. Together we start to create high quality rubber and TPE products.


Take the first step by filling out a form or calling the phone.


We are experts in the production of rubber products for all industries. We export goods to 9 European countries but also continue to expand our market.

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