Our production program

wide range of spare parts, rubber, metal and plastic equipment - machines and equipment in all areas of industry.
  • Rubber Membranes

    Rubber membranes are movable partitions that separate the two spaces sealed with fluids of different pressures.

  • O Rings

    O-Ring sealing element for sealing different media in a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

  • Spare parts for the meat industry

    Spare parts for the meat industry
    Preparation of rubber gasket for atmose maurer.

  • Rubber profiles

    Making the rubber profiles, rubber based on natural rubber, oil resistant rubber, silicone and rubber ...

  • Rubber rollers

    Grommets and development roller conveyor systems in graphic, food, chemical industry and agriculture.

  • Vacuum Grippers

    Making of various types, shapes and purposes a vacuum grippers and vacuum rubber. . .

  • Gaskets and cuffs

    Making Gaskets and cuffs, Ø 850 mm diameter. Development is done on the sample, technical drawing...

  • O-rings, washers, rubber butterfly valve

    Making o-rings, rubber washers and rubber butterfly valves of all types of tires - oil resistant, silicone, viton ....


    All other products according to technical documentation and sample / VARIOUS PURPOSE RUBBER PRODUCTS